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About Uasi

Uasi is a constructed language created for English speakers.

The purpose of Uasi is divided into various parts:

  1. to be able to speak to other Uasi speakers as a "secret code" so that others cannot understand or decode your conversations
  2. to learn a second language with the least amount of effort, memorization, and time possible
  3. to provide a form of mental stimulation that occurs only when one is challenging their brain in new ways
  4. and finally - the most important feature - to have fun with friends and family
The most powerful element about Uasi is the fact that the Uasi dictionary is already inside you. Each and every vocabulary word is in your reach without having to meticulously memorize countless dictionary entries. What is required from you is to translate from English to Uasi mentally in your head, in accordance with the rules of the language. All of the rules can be learned in a single day. What will remain is simply to practice the language in order to increase speed and fluency.

How To

LEARN: Refer to the official guide to go from novice to pro in ten minutes - it takes a few decades to go from pro to native.

VISION: Our vision is to see Uasi as the world language.

Official Guide

Click below to become an Uasi speaker

Official Guide


Translate English to Uasi

Accepts one word in its singular form


Translate Uasi to English

Accepts one word in its singular form



What Uasi can do for you


Power your brain with Uasi juices


Love more deeply than ever before


Uasi speakers are immune to fire


Any cuisine you make will be authentic Uasi cuisine


People will be magnetized to your personality and intelligence


Fluent Uasi speakers can freeze time

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